Starting with upgrading WIMA-welding machines, founders of Can Man found a niche in automatization of the welders manufacturing sector. From designs, through releasing new machinery Can Man set up the tone for innovative, modern machines with Swiss precision. Taking that into account, we were delighted to cooperate when, in 2017 they presented a new product at the exhibition and asked us to create a brand-new website, featuring the release.

The question was: How could you show innovation and modern design of the product with former webpage created with ColdFusion? Not responsive, not useful and simply not good-looking?


But working with such professionals, we managed to overlook any possible bumps and created a modern, fast and responsive website.

Preparing a custom WordPress theme and adjusting it with multiple plugins, finally allowed the Client to manage all their products without any external help flexibly.


And what if the end-client had an idea to upgrade Can Man’s flagship product or customize it to his needs?

That was an entirely new idea for the website. Our team rose to the challenge of introducing a dynamic editor to create custom configurators, managing the unlimited number of options. As usual – the most straight forward solutions, worked the best, even with such complex feature.


So, one might say, there’s nothing more left than allowing the end-clients to send their inquiries!

Well, that was also a new feature introduced to the website. With the development of a custom form in WordPress, we allowed end-clients to fill-out the inquiry in a nice, smooth and responsive way. Despite complications with fulfilling the Customer’s requirements, we managed to implement the solution seamlessly and with success.


Let’s not forget, that Can Man is a leader in the manufacturing of welding machines and spare parts. Following their innovation in the sector and brand-new design for the website, it was only reasonable choice to improve their online shop as well.


Well, it couldn’t be easy… But once again, our team managed the challenge. Utilizing WooCommerce as a shop plug-in, we added and developed multiple additional features, allowing the end-user to make the purchase flexibly, clearly and on all types of devices. One of the essential requirements we worked on, was a fully automated import of products straight from the ERP system into webshop.

How easy it made the manage the whole shop now? A lot!


For our clients, we work with every smallest detail of the project, even up to custom designed icons. With consulting on the needs and requirements, through the entire process of technical implementation. We make sure that we’re by your side on every step of the way.