Montessori House of Kids

  • 1 min read

House of Kids is a modern school following the Montessori method that prepares
children to explore the world using their creativity, curiosity, and open-mindedness while encouraging
them to become independent individuals. Following the spirit of brightness, openness and creativity…


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Ferratec, as a flexible, innovative distributor of high-quality branded products for installation technology, industry, and mechanics, has a portfolio with over 2’000 products available for their target group. Former website was old, heavy, complicated and not responsive, nor modern…

Tagesschule nach M. Montessori

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When all your resources are focused on providing your services, it’s nothing unusual, that the side parts of the business are getting a bit neglected. How many times you visited your website and promised…

Can Man

  • 2 min read

Starting with upgrading WIMA-welding machines, founders of Can Man found a niche in automatization of the welders manufacturing sector. From designs, through releasing new machinery Can Man set up the tone for innovative…