House of Kids is a modern school following the Montessori method that prepares children to explore the world using their creativity, curiosity, and open-mindedness while encouraging them to become independent individuals. Following the spirit of brightness, openness and creativity, which make House of Kids a very special place, it was time to portray these values on their website, too.
The goal was to highlight their philosophy and give parents a first impression of what to expect. Furthermore, their website should serve as a communication board providing all necessary information and addressing any frequently asked questions or uncertainties that future parents may have when choosing such an important place for the first stages of their children’s education.
With all that in mind, we felt a great responsibility to fulfil the spirit of Maria Montessori and all the great teachers at House of Kids and to represent that in a beautiful, yet useful design for their new website.

Solution and Outcome: Throughout the entire design process we were fully embracing the Montessori spirit and cooperated with customer marketing and content manager, Varvara Kirakosyan, who played a vital and influential role in shaping the new vision of the website. While sticking to the branding colours of House of Kids, we wanted to explore the path of the children’s development and experience with materials, which are crucial in the method itself. By using geometrical shapes as toy bricks which later evolved into organic shapes, we separated each section with a unique colour for a better user experience. The fully customizable section on the right side of the page gives the school the possibility to completely change and expand the content of each page. We’ve created a variety of different custom templates for school admins to easily control and shape the content of any page according to their most recent needs, news and situations.
With the Maria Montessori spirit in mind we made it possible for House of Kids to change, explore and share their knowledge in a creative, fun and exciting manner. With the success of the new webpage design, we were further asked to design flyers promoting the school and freshen up their PR materials with a brand-new look.

We are extremely grateful for this playful opportunity and fantastic collaboration. Thank you!